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Nike House of Innovation NYC - Nikeland

Nike had launched their smash hit explorable world in Roblox, with our friends at R/GA New York, plai were charged with bringing that to life in the children’s department of their flagship 5th Avenue store. Playful games and experiences powered by Snapchat brought the digital and physical worlds together.


Client - R/GA New York & Nike

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Channel 99

The metaverse is here, and our offering is Channel 99, a dystopian landscape built in Roblox, allowing players to die in all manner of fun ways while trying to beat the clock! 

client - plai

Star Wars

Star Wars AR Ships

Supporting the launch of 2019's Rise of Skywalker we undertook one of our most complex projects to date. In the week before Christmas we put iconic Star Wars space ships in the skies above US cities for Samsung users to enjoy and share.

client - R/GA New York

awards - Cannes Bronze Lion

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Nike Williamsburg - AR Run with Snap Spectacles

Having helped Nike in reopening their running store in Brooklyn, we set about adding some AR magic to a run around the neighbourhood. A local runner wore the latest Snap Spectacles to capture the AR fun.

Client - R/GA New York & Nike

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Dream Big II

In their sale 'Dream Big II', Christie's wanted to celebrate monumental sculptures by leading artists of the 20th and 21st centuries, and the masters who preceded them. From antiquity to modernism, Dali to Koons, plai brought these masterpieces to life in AR to work on the web as well as Instagram

client - Christie's


Timberland TimbsTrails

A web-based game, an exploration of the history and heritage of Timberland. From their foundation in New England to their influence on Hip Hop style in NYC and LGBTQ+ fashion in London, even looking forward to an exciting sustainable future.


Client - R/GA Sydney & VF Corporation


Uncharted -
movie release lens

Drawing in a key scene from the recent movie, the user can control Nathan Blake through moving their head. Nathan jumps and clambers to avoid flying debris - all while driving excitement about the film's launch.


Client - Snap EMEA

Hammer of the Gods.png

Hammer of the Gods

In our spirit of constant experimentation, we built this VR game for Oculus Quest. One of the ancient gods you smash your way through shifting levels with your mystic hammer. 

client - plai 

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Space Jam 2

An Instagram filter built in Spark AR to help celebrate and launch McDonald's Happy Meal partnership with Warner Bros summer hit Space Jam 2. A front and rear camera allows you to interact with Bugs, LeBron, and the gang.

client - R/GA London

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Netflix Haunts your House

With lockdown stopping kids from Trick or Treating last Halloween, Netflix wanted to create a safe way for their junior viewers to have fun. Parents could place snapcodes around their home, which triggered wonderful animated AR experiences of their leading characters for children to enjoy.

client - R/GA Los Angeles